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Casual Wanderers is a relaxed, social Kinship on the Crickhollow server.  Our intent in forming the Kinship is in the thread 'Meeting Up' on the LOTRO Discussion & Feedback section of the LOTRO Forums (Link: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?652065-Meeting-up ) by our Founder, Arnenna, and summarized below.  Our goal is to move through the landscape content on-level, with 'target levels" (current is Level 50), where we'll group up and run group content.  With over 180 characters, that's going to be more than one group, and we expect to have several 'waves' of characters moving through the content.  There is plenty of time to join one of the parties!

Sometimes, it is easier to say what a group is not that what it is, especially so early on.  CW is not a fast-leveling group.  We're not a raiding group.  We're not a PvMP group.  We're most definately not a high-intensity group where you'll get blasted if you make an error or a bad pull in a dungeon.  And we're not going to be your be-all, end-all Kinship in Middle Earth.  

But we're totally fine if you have characters on other servers, in other Kins (even on Crick) and if you choose at times to 'take a holiday' from CW - and return later.  We especially want to invite any player that has not grouped much so they can see how grouping works, without the pressure of 'Oh ____, you went and got the group wiped! #&*^#*$@!' Not that we will not wipe (maybe a lot) but we'll be relaxed about it and not uptight.  We want players who have felt grouping was too hard, or too intense, or didn't want to cause a wipe, but would like to learn and see if grouping might actually be fun (IMO, it is).

Also, we welcome players that may want to try a new class that they are not familiar with.  You may be a crackerjack LM, but you might want to get a better idea of how a Burglar works, or a Hunter.  You can assist our LMs, and we'll almost certainly have a Burg that can share secrets, and a Hunter with experience.  We welcome questions  - if you do not know or clearly understand a particular thing - ask!  We'll try to avoid silly answers, and if we don't have an answer in hand, we'll learn it together.

"Oh, but I'll have to create a new character and I'll be too far behind..." Did I mention over 180 characters so far?  We expect to be running waves of characters through the group content, so there will be ample and continued opportunities to group up.  Several of our players are not really interested in anything past Level 65, but very willing and interested in running through the lower levels.

"Oh, but I can only play from x00 to y00 GMT, not at typical NA times..."  Again, with over 180 characters (and 70+ players, by estimate), we have some non-NA players already.  Plus, some of our NA players are retired or work shifts and are not on-line at 'traditional' NA times.  Most importantly, as you see us meeting our goals and having fun, feel free to recruit off other servers and help build your own group at your time!  No limits!

Rules - not too many.  Respect all other players (in-Kin or out).  Respond to questions in a positive manner if you know the answer.  If someone makes a mistake, help them understand it but then let it go - we all make them.  Help others with crafting as and when you can.  Please post your Main in-KIn character name in the Player Notes (really Character Notes) on the Kinship page at the far right for all your characters if you have more than one.

And have fun!
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